cea Technology for a sustainable food future


Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) Technology allows high-quality produce to be grown year round.

Our high-density hydroponics system pushes growing density and lighting efficiencies to the highest levels currently available within vertical farming.


As a proof of concept, several elements of the design were fulfilled with ‘off the shelf’ parts. For example, the system requires LED lights, but there was no need to purchase high-end lighting solutions in order to simply prove the concepts validity. Several elements (including the lighting, troughs, and electrical aspects) will be replaced in future versions by high-quality, customized solutions.


high-density hydroponics system


An innovative hydroponics system design that provides significant increases in planting density (over 200%) and lighting efficiency (over 500%) when compared to current vertical farming technologies.

Modular and scalable, the Lettuce Lads hydroponics system is the solution for sustainable, year round, indoor growing.


maximized growth space

No aisles. No table. No wasted space.
Over 5,000 growth spaces in a footprint of less than 100 meters.


optimized lighting

Just the right amount of light.
Matched to the height of the leafy greens, our angled lighting effectively eliminates wasted energy.


reduced labour

An active, controlled system.
The Active Growth Management System allows each system to be managed by one operator.


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