Caleb is a strategic thinker and self-starter who naturally gravitates to leadership roles with optimism and perseverance. With an MBA from the University of St. Thomas, he’s found success in analyst and consulting roles as well in his most recent role as a General Manager with a large travel and tourism company.

Caleb’s innate ability to analyze situations, mitigate risks, and strategically plan has led him to success in each role he has held, especially when it comes to optimizing financial models and increasing revenue. As a Product Manager with Glentel (2011-2014), Caleb supported and managed sales teams across 12 different locations in Canada leading to over $30,000,000 in business. In his most recent roles with Brewster Inc. (2014-2017), he successfully managed over 100 employees across 8 different locations directly resulting in a 32% improvement in margin from 2015 actuals for 2017 forecast.

Now, as the CEO and Business Development lead with Lettuce Lads, he is focused on investor relationships, pre-sales, and strategic planning for short and long-term goals. Caleb secured the teams first round of investment which enabled the team to patent their high-density hydroponics design and build a proof of concept system.

An entrepreneur and dreamer at heart, he continues to lead Lettuce Lads forward with optimism and determination. He’s excited for the potential that the business has to provide equal access to locally-grown food, and he’s thankful for the opportunity to lead the team forward.

Caleb loves his wife and daughter, and the Minnesota Vikings.