Joseph “JC” Chidiac holds a B.Sc. in Biological Engineering and an M.Sc. in Horticulture from the University of Arkansas, as well as an M.Sc. in Molecular Biology from the Lebanese American University. Throughout his education, JC was always employed as a researcher and teaching assistant at the various departments in which he worked. He has been involved in research into high tech horticulture practices and controlled environment agriculture since 2013 and specialized in greenhouse cultivation, vertical farming, and hydroponic systems.

JC has been consulting with farmers, growers, and horticultural product developers since 2016 and founded Cultivation Bioengineering LTD in 2017 to better assist them in overcoming their most pressing challenges by means of the engineering method. He has found success in providing technical information devoid of sales bias, and this has earned the trust of many who were already fed up with consulting salespeople and their skewed motives.

His future aspirations include significant contributions to the field of high-tech horticulture and he is passionate about increasing the efficacy, efficiency, and sustainability of food crop and medicinal plant production using state of the art science and technology.

JC helps the Lettuce Lads design and integrate hydroponics, HVAC, sensing and lighting systems for their comprehensive growth platforms.