Kyle is an experienced tradesman, with a wide range of skills, who consistently demonstrates creativity in solving problems and a determination to get the job done right. From building electric guitars with rough-cut lumber and implementing hydrogen generators in personal vehicles, Kyle is a naturally gifted engineer who envisions, builds, and operates whatever his personal passions lead him to.

Kyle grew up in greenhouses in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Year after year he would gain experience and an increased passion for home-grown produce and the technologies that made it possible. He has worked in various roles over the years including Press Assistant with the Globe and Mail and Shop and Project Manager with Elevation Stairs and Woodworking.

Kyle’s education and experience have primarily come from his curiosity; investigating, dabbling in, and experimenting with various technologies and applications. It’s this desire and ability to learn and solve problems that makes him invaluable to Lettuce Lads. It was his indoor growing setup that initiated the conversations around hydroponics that led to Lettuce Lads’ genesis.

As the Head Engineer with Lettuce Lads, he oversees research and design projects and works to ensure the highest levels of quality and innovation within Lettuce Lads’ technologies. He is passionate about local food, sustainability, and empowering local communities through access to quality food.

Kyle loves his wife and son, their dog, Eloise, and Lego.