Privacy Notice

At Lettuce Lads, we are committed to maintaining the trust and confidence of those we interact with. When it comes to your personal information (or user data), we are GDPR-compliant and we strive to keep your information safe and secure as it should be.

Whether you are browsing our website, connecting with us on social media, or taking part in a contest or survey, this policy is where you’ll learn how we interact with your information: how it’s collected, what it’s used for, and how we protect it.

Third-Party Services

We use several third-party services that enable us to learn about our visitors, monitor and improve our content, and communicate with our community. Each service uses a type of cookie - or small code file - to track users and different pieces of data. More information about cookies can be found below in our ‘Cookies Notice’. These third-party services are:

  • MailChimp: An email marketing platform. MailChimp is used to store and manage our newsletter subscriber list and send the newsletters themselves. MailChimp receives user information from our newsletter signup form that includes your name, email address, and preferences that you set.

  • Google Analytics: A web analytics provider. Google Analytics is used to track visitor information and behavior (eg. IP address, time spent on our site, pages viewed) so we can learn how our website is being used and how to improve it.

  • HubSpot: A Customer Relationship Manager platform (or CRM). HubSpot is used to track how our visitors are finding us (eg. a link from Facebook) and the content they interact with on our site. HubSpot receives basic user information (ie. IP address, device name), as well as personal information entered into any sign-up forms.

Privacy Policies for these services can be found here:


When someone visits our website (, we use a third-party service called Google Analytics to collect standard internet log information and details about visitor behaviors. We do this to learn how many different people are using our site, and which parts of the website are being used or viewed the most. This type of information helps us to know if the content we are providing is helpful and learn how to improve it. We don’t make attempts - or allow Google to make attempts - to learn the specific identities of our users, or share the information that we do receive in any way. In the ‘Cookies’ section below, you can learn about more about this process.

If we do want to collect specific personal information, we will be very upfront about it. You will be given a clear description of why we want your information, as well as a clear process of entering that information or simply opting-out of the process.

Newsletter Sign-up

In order to provide a newsletter, we need to collect some pieces of your personal information like your name and email. We use this information for several purposes:

  • To provide updates that you’ve requested

  • To offer information about our company’s recent activities and opportunities

  • To check-in with you for feedback opportunities

We do not trade this information with other companies, sell your information, or offer your information to other companies in any way.

We do use a third-party service called MailChimp to provide our newsletter. MailChimp gathers statistics around email openings and link clicks to help us monitor and improve our e-newsletter. For more information, please see MailChimp’s Privacy Policy (

You can unsubscribe from our newsletter at any time by clicking the ‘Unsubscribe’ link at the bottom of any of our newsletters or by sending your request to us at

Social Media + Contests

We use social media to make new connections with people and businesses and to build upon the relationships that are already established. Your information is required by the social media platform (eg. Facebook) to sign-up for an account, but you do not need to provide additional information in order to interact with us on the various platforms. Asking for your personal information over social media is not something we will do unless we are running a contest.

Contests are simply a fun way for us to share who we are and what we are doing with new people by offering prizes to those who participate. In order to enter one of our contests, you will need to complete the contest’s requirements (eg. share a post) as well as provide us with some of your personal information (eg. name, email, or social handle). We use your information to confirm that the contest requirements are being met and to inform the winners. In keeping with our Privacy Policy, we do not share the personal information that you give us with anyone else or use it for other purposes.

You can find the Privacy Policies for the social media platforms we use here:





Links to Other Sites

This policy does not apply to links that lead you away from our website to other sites. We strive to share content that is helpful and safe, so we will not knowingly link to a website that could harm your device or misuse your information. If a site that we link to does ask for your information or you have a general concern about a link on our site, please reach out to us and we will gladly listen to your feedback and take the appropriate actions.

If you have questions about the privacy policies for the sites that we link to, please contact them directly. We cannot control and are not responsible for the security of your device and personal information outside of our own website.

Access to Your Information

You are entitled to access the personal information that we have for you. Send your request to and it will be responded to by a member of our team. If you have any issues with what information we ask for and/or how we use your information, you also have the right to file a complaint with the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada. (

Cookies Notice

Our website uses cookies to collect visitor information. This includes information about where our visitors are located (ie. general location information from an IP address), which browsers are being used, and the various actions that a user may complete on our site (eg. clicking on a link, viewing a page). As noted above under our Privacy Notice, we use this information to guide our decisions on what content to make and share, and how to improve the overall user experience on our website. We want to provide content that is helpful and this type of information enables us to do that.

In keeping with our overall policy, the information that is collected by website cookies is not sold, shared, or given to third parties in any way other than what is outlined in this policy.


Cookies are small data files which are placed on your device as you browse our website. Their main purpose is to recognize you as a visitor and remember you when you return to our site or our connected social platforms. Cookies fulfill several purposes:

  • Technical purposes essential to the effective operation of our website, particularly in relation to form completions and site navigation

  • Marketing purposes which include tracking pieces of content our visitors view so that we can monitor the success of our advertising campaigns, improve upon them, and follow-up with visitors who show interest in our business

  • Educational purposes which include learning about who our visitors are (eg. general location, website behaviors, demographics, etc.) so that we can market to them more effectively

Disabling Cookies

If you want to disable cookies you can do so by changing the settings in your browser. You can find instructions for how to do this with the most popular browsers below:

Google Chrome:

Internet Explorer:

Apple’s Safari:

Mozilla Firefox:

If your browser is not listed here you can try a simple internet search for “disable cookies” + “your browser/device” (eg. disable cookies opera browser). The instructions for your specific browser setup will most likely be listed in the first group of search results.

Questions or Concerns?

If you have a question or concern that is not covered in this policy, please reach out to our team:


Direct Mail: 106 Cougar Point Road, Canmore AB, T1W 1A1