The Lettuce Lads Story


Three guys from Canmore became Lettuce Lads after a hobbyist’s indoor vertical farm project led to conversations about business viability.

Caleb (CEO) had lost his job and was looking for new opportunities. Kyle (Engineering) was living in Canmore and had setup a tower system in his house for growing greens. Devon (Customer Relations) joined and the three discussed a variety of business ideas surrounding indoor growing.

Shortly after the initial conversations the Lettuce Lads came into existence and the hydroponics technology started to take shape.

Now a team of 4, the Lads are on a mission to make locally grown, high-quality food more accessible. They believe that everyone deserves equal access to quality food and that is should be grown down the street rather than imported from hundreds and thousands of kilometers away.

In April of 2019 they completed a proof of concept build in a Canmore greenhouse. In the Summer they plan to secure their own space in order to build an operational prototype that will serve the Bow Valley.

They’re excited for the opportunity to work with grocers, restaurants, and the residents of the Bow Valley as they move forward with their mission to improve access to quality local food.




Our world’s food system isn’t sustainable. Specifically speaking about produce, we’ve seen these problems:

  • Varying levels of access, quality and price

  • High costs and environmental impacts of distribution

  • Control of the supply chain

Lettuce Lads is solving these problems through CEA (controlled environment agriculture) technologies.


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