The Lettuce Lads Story

Three guys from Canmore became Lettuce Lads when they had a conversation about growing food indoors (one of them was already doing it and it impressed the other 2).

After some interesting conversations (definitely initiated by the, now, CEO and his insatiable desire to solve problems and improve efficiencies 🤓), the Lettuce Lads came into existence and the hydroponics technology started to take shape.

Now a team of 4, the Lads are on a mission to make locally grown, high-quality food more accessible. They believe that everyone deserves equal access to health food and that is should be grown down the street rather than imported from hundreds and thousands of kilometers away.

The ‘Pilot Project’ will see the first implementation of their technology inside shipping containers in the beautiful town of Canmore, Alberta, Canada. The patented hydroponics technology allows the Lads to maximize any indoor growing space, improving on current setups by as much as 280% 😱

In early Spring 2019, the Lettuce Lads will be providing the Bow Valley with fresh produce grown locally. They’re excited to have the opportunity to work with grocers, restaurants, and the residents of Canmore to improve access to locally grown, quality food - taking food back to its roots.

Meet the team here.